Posted by: olatheanimalhospital | May 7, 2010

Follow Friday Feature: @AAHAHelpingPets

As an AAHA-accredited hospital, it’s a given that Olathe Animal Hospital wants to provide the best care possible for all animals. Sometimes, however, an owner can’t afford life-saving treatment or diagnostics, and this is where the AAHA Helping Pets Fund can help. When an owner can demonstrate financial need, this organization may be able to help. Visit the website for more guidelines on how to apply for financial help:

Our History with AAHA Helping Pets Fund

The AAHA Helping Pets Fund has come to our aid in two memorable cases. One of our patients was Dink, a young and otherwise healthy giant mixed breed dog, who suddenly developed severe pain, lethargy and weight loss. Extensive diagnostics were needed to save his life, and with the help of this organization, Dink made a full recovery and is doing great today.

Our first patient to receive aid from the AAHA Helping Pets Fund was Dixie, a very special 2-year old boxer who had swallowed a corn cob (although we didn’t know it at the time) and needed emergency surgery to save her life. Again, this organization came to the rescue and although it only covered a fraction of the total bill, it gave the owner hope that she could come up with funding for the rest of the bill. Dixie also made a full recovery, and it’s not over-stating it to say she’s alive today because of the AAHA Helping Pets Fund.

As an ongoing thank-you for all they’ve done, we regularly donate to the fund in memory of patients who cross over the rainbow bridge.

Why you should follow

We love following @AAHAHelpingPets because we get to learn about what other pets are receiving help, and they also share lots of other valuable information. They are very active in Twitter and RT quality posts regularly!


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